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The Cosmic Circus launched on July 1, 2021, the brainchild of owner/Editor-In-Chief Lizzie Hill. In its conception, the site was created to mainly focus on news and reviews pertaining to sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies and TV series. But just like the cosmos, our coverage expanded to other genres, as well as books, comic books, gaming, travel, theater, and concerts. 

With the excitement and passion of our authors to cover these other niches for The Cosmic Circus, it became apparent that for the site to grow, we had to adapt. It is from expansion in our niche cosmos that Cosmic Circus Broadway was born, a subdomain of our brand that is dedicated to the intoxicating bright lights shining nightly in NYC and the actors and stories inhabited there.

On Cosmic Circus Broadway, we’re going to focus on what makes theater great, the stories that draw audiences in and the people who bring them to life. From community theater to touring shows, movie adaptations, and of course to those shows currently running on Broadway, we’re going to cover it all. Through news, reviews, interviews, and our Broadway-centered podcast, The Cosmic Curtain, we’re hoping to be your one-stop shop for everything theater. 

When we began this journey into Broadway, the shows we covered fit perfectly into our pre-determined niche, but as the venture continued to grow, so did the variety we covered. We currently stand at 22 reviews and counting, featuring every genre of storytelling available. Through our partnership with Broadway in Detroit as well as frequent trips to NYC, we have seen so many incredible shows, and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon! The majority of the review coverage and articles are written by Headwriter Brian Kitson, who has spearheaded this venture from the very beginning.

Our podcast, The Cosmic Curtain, features the unique perspectives of Brian Kitson and his co-host RJ Miller-Zelinko, both of whom have had a passion for theater for as long as they can remember, as well as other guests who share in that love. Both can look at a musical or play through the audience’s eye, Brian Kitson can provide a critical analysis of what’s happening on stage, while RJ Miller-Zelinko, thanks to years of acting in community theater, can share his technical knowledge of how these shows come to life on stage night after night. Together, these two are known as the Box Seat Babes, and they look forward to working with Cosmic Circus Broadway to share in the fun and excitement of Broadway with The Cosmic Curtain listeners.

Interviews for the site have been conducted with actors from different shows, beginning with our sitdown with Andrew Keenan-Bolger, who was in Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors off-Broadway. We offer both in-person interviews and Zoom calls and are happy to be flexible in the format, to provide the best experience for the talent involved. For examples of our previous interviews, please visit this page. Inquires about interview opportunities with us can be sent to Brian Kitson (brian@thecosmiccircus.com), to Box Seat Babes (boxseatbabes@gmail.com) or to Editor-In-Chief Lizzie Hill at eic@thecosmiccircus.com.

Interested in having your production covered by Cosmic Circus Broadway? Please forward any inquiries to Brian Kitson or Lizzie Hill via the above emails. Reviews will be a mixture of articles that are posted on the website or recorded as a podcast, with all work shared on our social media. The shows covered on Cosmic Circus Broadway are reviewed independently and honestly, regardless of whether or not we receive free tickets, etc… (Learn more here).

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Primary contributors to Cosmic Circus Broadway

Lizzie Hill (Owner / Editor-In-Chief / Website & Social Media Manager)

Archive: Lizzie Hill / X: @mslizziehill / Instagram: @mslizziehill / Email: eic@thecosmiccircus.com

Brian Kitson (Head Writer / Editor / Review Lead / News / Features / Podcast Host)

Archive: Brian Kitson /X: @kitson301 / Instagram: @bkitson301 / Email:brian@thecosmiccircus.com

RJ Miller-Zelinko (Podcast Host / Reviewer/ Photographer)

Instagram: @journey_thru_the_past_

Box Seat Babes (Podcast Hosts)

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